Many companies have proven that lack of Operational Risk Management and Compliance can be extremely costly.
It is estimated that Financial Institutions have lost at least 200,000,000,000 dollar on Operational Risk events over the last 20 years, with at least 30 individual cases over 1,000,000,000 dollar. Since, this number is estimated based on numbers that are known in the public domain, this is very much an absolute minimum.

After 14 years at Fokker Aircraft Company and 14 years at ABN AMRO, Gerrit Jan became an independent consultant. So far, Gerrit Jan did 3 large assignments at:
- RBS (9 month)
- Rabobank (8 months)
- Mn Services (10 month)
- SNS Asset Management (current)

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Interim Management
Over the past 25 years Gerrit Jan has held several management positions at Fokker Company and the ABN AMRO bank. His specialism is managing professionals (Project Managers, Business Analysts, ORM professionals).
In a Hay survey Gerrit Jan scored a world-class organisational climate and 4 dominant leadership styles (Authoritative, Affiliative, Democratic, Coaching).

Gerrit Jan is very well able to fulfill a management position for an interim period. He feels especially attracted to positions where a permanent manager is not yet available (lengthy search process), where a new department needs to be founded or where staff is demotivated by a bad management style and repair work is needed.

Operational Risk
Gerrit Jan has spent several years in the Operational Risk Management department of ABN AMRO. As Group ORM Management Team member he was jointly responsible for building up the Operational Risk discipline within ABN AMRO from scratch, starting with 4 FTE at Group level in 2000 to an over 150 FTE, world-wide embedded organisation. He was responsible for the group-wide Operational Risk Basel 2 qualification.
In 2008 (May-December), he has supported RBS with their project to acquire AMA qualification.
In 2009 (April-December), he has supported Rabobank to further enhance their Operational Risk implementation and AMA framework.
In 2010 (February-December), he acted as the Head of Operational Risk a.i. at Mn Services, one of the largest Fiduciary Managers within the Netherlands.

Gerrit Jan can help you with the following type of activities:

  • Assessment of ORM implementations (zero-measurement), perform a gap analysis and provide suggestions for improvements
  • AMA readyness assessment - identify showstoppers for an AMA qualification and provide advise how to run an AMA project
  • Project Management of Operational Risk implementations/enhancement projects
  • Project Management implementation IT system for Operational Risk
  • Project Management Basel 2 implementation for Operational Risk
    Facilitation of (workshop based) RSAs
  • Facilitation of ORM workshops
  • Presentations/training ORM general/Basel 2
Most of the above activities are not only of value for banks, but definitely also for other financial institutions and specifically for Insurance Companies that are preparing for their Solvency 2 qualification.

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Main achievements over the last years:
• Senior Risk Advisor at SNS Assets Management.
• Head of Operational Risk Management a.i. at Mn Services.
• Assisted Rabobank in a project to enhance their ORM and AMA framework.
• Assisted RBS with their AMA qualification project.
• Project Manager of the world-wide AMA qualification of the ABN AMRO Bank.
• Built up the OpRisk discipline within ABN AMRO from scratch, starting with 4 FTE at Group level in 2000 to over 150 FTE world-wide. Includes the world-wide roll-out of Operational Risk governance, policies and tools.
• Built up a very well valued department of Project Managers (15-20 FTE) within the Investment Banking environment. Run that department for many years.
• Experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing and Product Support (Fokker), Finance and Risk Management environment (ABN AMRO).
• Over 24 years of experience in Project Management and Line Management positions. In all management positions responsible for managing professionals (HBO/Academic level).
• Four dominant Leadership Styles (Authoritative, Affiliative, Democratic, Coaching) and a "world-class" Organisational Climate in a Hay survey.

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